Certainly worth a visit!


Side located on a peninsula to the east of Antalya has a centuries-old history; it is a true open air museum. The strict building regulations of the city ensure that the old city does not lose its charm and character. We can find, for example, the remains of an Apollo temple, the old city wall and the Agora (bathhouse) in and around the centre of Side. We can view the imposing Roman amphitheatre in the old city area where cultural activities still take place today. 18,000 spectators could be accommodated here. Typical of this theatre is that it has not been built against a mountain slope when compared to most theatres but in an open space.
Through a kilometre-long promenade you can walk to Kumkoy where you will find most hotels, shops and night clubs.

apollotempleapollotemple evening


In Manavgat there is a large market on Mondays and Thursday. You will find stalls with vegetables, fruit, all kinds of spices, clothing, leather goods and many beautiful souvenirs from the covered centre of Manavgat to kilometres along the river. The Manavgat river with its clear green water is rich in minerals and, moreover, very pure. You can swim in it or make a voyage of discovery in small boats to the waterfalls. There are two reservoirs at the top of the river.


Green Canyon

In a beautiful part of the natural area right in the centre of the Taurus mountain range there is a large reservoir. It can thank the natural rocky environment and the beautiful green water for its name. Taking a boat tour is certainly worth it and it will always lead to beautiful photos.

green canyongreen canyon


Aspendos has a fantastic old Roman theatre where breathtaking opera, ballet and music can be enjoyed in addition to the annual festival.